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Supporting Employees with Disabilities

Sixty-one million adults (26%) in the United States have a disability.[1] Most times, “disabilities” are thought of as physical handicaps, such as requiring a wheelchair, cane, or other physical support equipment. However, disabilities can range beyond physical limitations, such as cognitive, vision or hearing impairment, and mental health conditions. Reasonable accommodations can be made to support employees with disabilities.

Returnships, Apprenticeship, or Internship. These can offer on-the-job training, upskilling, or reskilling for employees with disabilities. It offers them the opportunity to learn job-specific skillsets to progress in their desired role and industry.

Resources for Assistance. Resources for assistance may include implementing ramps for wheelchair access, interpreters for hearing impaired, improving access to healthcare through employee benefits, fostering an inclusive culture and health programs to support, and researching educational and supportive resources to better assist your employees with disabilities.

Promoting Health and Wellness. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and smokers are among the top comorbidities of disabilities. Promoting health and wellness through smoke cessation programs, fitness initiatives, and healthy living habits are all great ways employers can work with employees to improve their overall health and better support disabilities.

Invest in Employee Benefits. Access to healthcare for adults with disabilities in the United States is devastating to overall well-being:

  • One in three adults with disabilities do not have a primary care provider;
  • One in three adults with disabilities were unable to find adequate healthcare service due to costs; and
  • One in four adults with disabilities (aged 45-65 years old) did not participate in a routine health exam.[2]

Exploring the marketplace and finding employee benefits and alternative healthcare options for your employees can help bridge the gaps in healthcare services and coverage to lead your employees to better health.

If you’re looking for access to competitive, affordable, and alternative healthcare options, please contact Harbor America. Our benefits specialists can customize a benefits package tailored to your employees’ healthcare needs. We understand the hardships employees with disabilities face and the challenges employers face to support them.


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