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HR Solutions

Your Most Valuable Resource is Our Most Important Responsibility

Human resource management is the most time consuming and important part of running a small to mid-sized business. Harbor America provides award-winning HR Solutions by providing a professional team of HR experts at your disposal.
Harbor America HR Solutions include:

Employee Onboarding

New hires require a lot of paperwork and a lot of time. Our electronic onboarding system and your dedicated Harbor America HR expert will help get your new employees onboard and making you money! This includes collecting all the necessary tax documents and employment verification, eVerify (as required).

Rules and regulations regarding wage and hour laws change regularly. Our team of HR experts here at Harbor America stay on top of these ever-changing rules so you stay current and compliant.

Regulatory Compliance

Much like Wage and Hour laws, Regulatory Compliance laws can be complicated, confusing, and constantly changing. We stay current in these changes in industry standards so your business is ahead of the game.


Unemployment Claims

Employees come and go, and sometimes when they go, they still want to be paid. Managing Unemployment Claims requires the knowledge of an HR expert, which is why Harbor America offers consulting for these situations when they arise. 


Employee Handbook Development

Understanding best practices in all areas of your business often requires ongoing employee training. Our experts at Harbor America can help you develop employee handbooks that help you onboard, train, and provide continuing education to all your employees.


Putting effective ways of managing evolving risks and controlling insurance costs at your fingertips.  The solution is Harbor America’s revolutionary, time-saving, online tool that allows you to gather information and solve everyday HR & business related problems in just a few keystrokes.

Staying in compliance is simplified with the practical and easily accessible collection of occupation safety resources clientshave on GUHRU


  • Compliance and FAQ
  • Instant OSHA reporting
  • Custom OSHA Forms
  • OSHA Log and Maintenance
  • View Recent Incidents

View regulatory database regarding states workers’ compensation benefits and rates.  See contacts for the states workers’ compensation regulatory body

  • Simplified guide for all 50 states
  • Quick links to additional resources

Our extensive library features thousands of employee and employer facing documents, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly resolve human resource and insurance-related issues.  You will find articles, brochures, forms, reports and much more regarding:


  • Plan Designs
  • Employee Newsletters
  • Health & Wellness
  • Human Resources

Find risk management answers as you use the tools and solutions for virtually any risk management issue, from occupational disease and workplace violence to natural disasters and product recalls.  Help protect your business with our collection of the best-in-class risk management resources on the web. Examples include:


  • Business exposures
  • Fleet safety
  • Property Exposures
  • Safety meetings topics
  • Safety programs
  • Workers’ compensation

Stay informed with the latest property and casualty trends from safe driving practices to safety meeting topics.  Our customized, professionally designed, ready-to-print newsletters educate employees about workplace hazards and ways to prevent injury, empowering them to take safety into their own hands.  Now you pick and choose the most important topics for your business.


Thousands of downloadable articles providing instant access to informational flyers, newsletters, forms, checklists, benchmarking surveys and many more.


  • Continuously updatedinformation on evolving topics
  • Search for specific issues in our vast library
  • Download customizable employee communication materials on the subjects you want

Use our Health Plan Compliance Calendar resource to assist you in tracking and meeting keyfederal compliance deadlines associated with the ACA


  • Customizablecompliance calendarsspecific to your health plan
  • Rolling list of upcoming deadlines for a convenient quick view
  • Accompanying resourcesfor each compliance deadline
  • Automated monthly email reminders of upcoming deadlines

No more wasting hours searching on industry topics.


  • Well-know and trusted industry websites
  • Links to updates, news, andreference materials

Help your employees avoid feeling overwhelmed by today’srapidly changing healthcare environment


  • Step-by-stepguide to wellness
  • Wellness documents
  • National Health Observance calendars
  • Newsletters, flyers andresources on many wellness topics
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