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2020 HR Trends to Watch

The human resources industry has been long-standing and evolving. It is an industry that thrives on its foundation of communication, connection, and managing employee relations. As we enter 2020, there are some new trends that are revitalizing the HR industry’s foundation and ones you, as a business owner, will want to stay on top of.

Human-Centric Interactions

People are looking for more meaningful connections, both as business representatives and individuals. With genuine connection and building lasting relationships with clients, business owners might want to re-evaluate their in-house workforce and ensure their foundation can weather any storm. There are two organizational points that should be well-developed to nourish the human-centric interactions: leadership and company culture. Budding friendships with coworkers, placing an emphasis on gratitude, and collaborating on effective solutions to alleviate pain points are great ways to address company culture issues. Creating a positive, robust company culture starts with leadership. Finding leaders who can motivate, delegate, and integrate diverse personalities, cultures, and individual needs are imperative to successful changes in company culture.

Community Outreach

There is a humanitarian movement that is breaching the workplace. 2020 should see a shift of corporate social responsibility moving toward the forefront of business initiatives. Whether the social pressure has prompted companies to place more emphasis on giving back to the local communities they serve, or genuinely wanting to connect and develop a stronger relationship with the local communities, businesses are pushing social initiatives to new boundaries.

Balancing Accountability

With employee engagement and productivity becoming more vital to the integrity of a business’s vision, balancing employer and employee accountability will be pushed in the coming years. Employers will need to implement creative, innovative means for workplace engagement, whereas employees will need to develop well-rounded work ethics that encompass enthusiasm, ambition, and stamina for the work ahead of them. The focus will be less on employees only and shift to the entirety of a corporation, including leaders.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Remote and other flexible work arrangements are becoming the norm. Nine-to-five and five-day workweeks are being pushed out of normal business practices. As most businesses are revamping their corporate cultures and balancing responsibilities among all levels of their organizations, it should come as no surprise that the structure of such businesses will change as well. Research has shown that flexible schedules and work arrangements improve productivity and overall wellbeing of employees.

Data-Driven Strategy

Data analyses can drive strategy for predictive behaviors and better position companies for recruiting and retaining top talent. Using data can offer real-time and real-world analyses of what is working and what is not within the ebbs and flows of a corporate structure. Utilizing such data to formulate refined strategies can provide companies the boost they seek in both employee engagement and employee retention.

As the HR industry continues to evolve and trends constantly change, it can be cumbersome for business owners to stay on top of it all. For help managing your HR systems and processes, call Harbor America. We offer extensive HR resources and services that can push your business to the top. From workers’ compensation, payroll administration, safety and risk management, and technology, we value your business demands and provide adequate solutions for your HR issues.


Source: 8 HR Predictions for 2020

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