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Avoiding Digital HR Disruptions

The shift in HR departments from manual to automated systems is not slowing down. HR technologies have helped automate online payroll, human capital management, personnel records, recruiting, hiring, and onboarding, and more. If employers are not prepared, it may seem as though this shift comes with a price.

Digital HR disruptions are caused when HR teams fall behind the technology curve when the business does not support their goal to move to the cloud, or the larger team cannot see the immediate value for employees.

Here are our tips for avoiding digital HR disruptions at any cost:

Invest in Resources for Your HR Team

HR is one area of your business in which you can’t afford to under-invest. Many organizations have decided to update bits and pieces of their HR technology (i.e. recruiting tools or learning and development systems) however, it is far more likely that the entire process requires an overhaul, instead. Review your existing budget to ensure your HR team is well equipped with the tools and resources they need to be successful and help drive business.

Use Social Media as a Tool

Social media can and should play an active role in your HR team’s day-to-day, especially in terms of recruiting. HR departments are using these valuable social media platforms to engage employees, improve company culture, and also for recruiting purposes. Boost company social media profile pages with information, images, and post content to help job seekers learn more about your organization. Social media is great for improving your brand, keep the company name in followers’ feeds, and engaging with clients and employees.

Implement a Human Capital Management Solutions

Human capital management solutions (HCM) are cloud-based platforms that provide specific competencies across acquisition and retention, employee management, and workforce operations and administration. These systems employ multiple functionalities in one single solution with role-based permissions. Employers can quickly manage demographics, strategize salary adjustments and requirements, and efficiently onboard new employees. This type of HR administration is what the incoming workforce of Millennials expect for a forward-thinking, technology-driven workplace.

HR cannot transform itself. But the technology that will help advance this industry into the digital age will definitely help get it on the right track. HR teams that are working from old, manual processes will be left behind. A modern HR team, however, can help lead the business toward a modern operations and administration foundation. Contact Harbor America to learn more about how your HR team can lead the digital revolution in your business and have a bigger impact on the bottom line, overall.