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Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity and inclusion are oftentimes engrained in the hiring process but can lag incorporating into everyday workplace practices. Whether your business has existing diversity and inclusion provisions in the employee handbook, or you engage in team building activities, there are always ways to continuously build your company culture. While you may be proactive in your diversity efforts, you might lack inclusion. The best way to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace is to evaluate your current workplace and identify areas that could be better.

Understanding the Difference

You can have diversity but lack inclusion, and vice versa. SHRM defines inclusion as “the achievement of a work environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute fully to the organization’s success.” So how can a business incorporate inclusion into the workplace?

Create a business strategy that incorporates top-to-bottom diversity and inclusion. Your strategy should include:

  • Compiling and analyzing demographic data.
  • Identifying areas of concern and business objectives.
  • Aligning strategy with business objectives and the structure to successfully achieve them.
  • Monitoring and modifying the strategy.

The Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

As an employer, you may not need reasons to implement diversity and inclusion in the workplace as you already know they are business fundamentals. However, here are some interesting facts about the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace[1] you may not know.

  • Diverse companies are 15%-35% likely to yield higher revenue.
  • Diverse senior boards experience increased earnings before interest and tax.
  • There is a strong, positive correlation between diversity and corporate innovation.
  • More than half of employees and job seekers deem diversity a priority in their workplace.
  • Diversity can significantly improve marketing objectives.
  • Up to 80% increase employer rating for employees who perceive organizational commitment to diversity and inclusion and feeling of inclusion.
  • Companies that rank in highest percentage of diversity observe higher sales revenue, increased clientele, and above average market share and profitability.

Incorporating diversity and inclusion into the workplace can be a daunting and tedious task that requires careful review to ensure compliance with EEOC standards. If you would like assistance in developing or revising your employee handbook, implementing training and education, and/or gain access to additional HR resources regarding diversity and inclusion in the workplace, please contact Harbor America. We value equal opportunity and compliance to ensure proper employee treatment and well-being are top of mind. Schedule a call with Harbor America about protecting your employees and improving your company culture with our customizable, full-service HR solutions.


[1] Understanding Diversity and Inclusion