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Going Paperless with HR

It’s no surprise that companies around the world are doing their part to become eco-friendly and reduce their footprint. For organizations looking for a more tangible list of reasons as to why a paperless HR is a better HR, here are our top three.

The first benefit of going paperless is reducing physical paper storage. Paper files can cause offices and teams of people to inadvertently become disorganized and induce a false sense of chaos. Switching to a digital system not only offers additional physical office space, but the information is easily organized in a digital filing system. It automatically makes more sense.

Paperless On-boarding
When a new employee joins your team, instead of handing them a packet or booklet full of physical paper documents to fill out, sign, and return, what if you had emailed all the digital onboarding documents prior to their start date? This would not only alleviate more paperwork, but it would further streamline the hiring and onboarding process.

Digital Payroll
Digital files ensure that all information is kept in one place and the files are free from damage or loss. But when it comes to payroll administration, a streamlined, digital process can save hours of work for your payroll and finance teams. Digital payroll removes the risk of printed check fraud or theft and ensures employees are paid on-time or sooner.

The future of business, and HR, is paperless. While the act of fully implementing a paperless office can be quite cumbersome, the idea of creating a paperless HR is more manageable. Digital filing and organization have taken the place of reams of printed materials and physical filing cabinets. Let Harbor America help your HR team transition to an electronic document management system. Contact us today to learn more.

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