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How Millennials Can Inspire the Workplace

Employers around the country are noticing an influx in roles once held by baby boomers now being filled by the next generation: millennials. Recruiting millennials can bring a new and refreshed outlook on the idea of hardworking employees who are eager to learn and engage in new opportunities.

Millennials are often encouraged by the standards and vision of their employer. Typically, this group of individuals cares very deeply about what the organization stands for and is cautious when engaging in a new employment opportunity, making sure the mission and values of the employer match their own.

Retaining millennial employees can require a different mindset than with other employee generations. Here are our tips for keeping millennials engaged and using that energy to inspire and motivate other aspects of your workplace:

Diversity and Flexibility

Millennial employees are generally not looking for long-term commitments. Rather they are concerned with being able to grow and learn as much as they can in their current role at their employer before moving on to improved opportunities. Companies that boast a diverse management team spanning age, race, ethnicity, religion, and gender in addition to a flexible work environment will be more compelling than an organization without these aspects.

Consider Telecommuting or Rewarding Public Transit

Millennials are likely to choose employment opportunities that are close to their home where they can choose to walk or ride a bike vs. a longer commute. Consider adding an option for telecommuting for some employees who may not live close to the office. If this ideology does not fit in your workplace culture, consider adding a public transit stipend where employees who regularly engage in public carpools, ride the bus, or rideshare will be given anywhere from $20-$50 per month to celebrate their contribution to improving their local environment.

Work-Life Balance

Millennials are not usually willing to trade their quality of life for career advancement if it means taking work home on the weekends. Use this as a catalyst to introduce refined employee benefits including flex hours, telecommuting options, and a generous PTO plan.

In-office benefits like a pool table and margarita Fridays are great, but what matters more is a positive and encouraging culture where people share a sense of camaraderie and help each other succeed.

Embrace Collaboration

If your workplace doesn’t already do so, encourage employees to embrace collaboration by grouping into teams to help solve problems, have thoughtful discussions and brainstorming sessions to share ideas and come to explore other perspectives and come to a unique conclusion. Working as a team is a great resource and outlet for incoming millennials.

Creating an ideal fit for an incoming generation of employees is no easy task. However, the energy and excitement brought to your existing team and is only going to be seen as a benefit for everyone within the organization. Contact Harbor America to take the first step in updating your current practices, improving diversity, and implementing a well-defined handbook that supports a healthy work-life balance for all employees.