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Tips for Preventing, Avoiding or Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict is in our everyday lives. There is conflict at work, at home, and in the business world. The fact that conflict occurs is not the issue. How conflicts are prevented, avoided, or resolved is what matters most. Managers and leaders should set a positive example for their employees by dealing with conflicts in ways that employees are expected to deal with conflict.

Here are some tips on preventing, avoiding and resolving conflict:

Positive Encouragement

Open communication and active listening are the keys that will help avoid unnecessary conflict. Giving positive feedback encourages employees and makes them feel valued.

Work and Humor

Lightening up the mood at work by promoting humor can prevent conflicts. All work and no fun can also impact an employee’s productivity and longevity. Starting a meeting with a fun exercise or a funny non-offensive humorous story or joke promotes an attitude that can prevent conflict.


Managers and leaders should stay alert and be aware of any conflicts that could be brewing. Conflicts may arise over work-related tasks, someone’s personal space or a work rule. Defining the cause of the conflict, observing how conflict is disrupting morale and efficiency, reviewing options, and looking for solutions that will benefit everyone allows managers to quickly resolve conflict.

Seek Advice

An outside perspective can be helpful in resolving conflict. Managers and leaders should seek advice from the HR Manager/HR Department. It is always best to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Step Ahead

Training employees on how to handle tense situations is the best way to avoid conflicts. Hosting a conflict resolution seminar will build a healthy work environment. Employees who have learned to use a respectful tone of voice, how to actively listen, and how to choose the right words are steps on the path to preventing, avoiding, or resolving conflict.

Harbor America’s HR Department has training materials and videos available to help our clients with these critical skills.

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