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Bridge Funding

Short-term cash for urgent needs by
Payroll Funding Company

Do you need capital right now but can’t get it through normal lenders? Vensure has teamed up with Payroll Funding Company to provide you with an option for getting short-term funding for those urgent situations: Bridge Funding.

“We have had the opportunity to take on new contracts and grow our company with the help of Payroll Funding Company. They have always been there when we needed them, with a quick payroll solution. They are great!”


– Able Academics

Your partner, not just a lender

As a partner, we are deeply interested in your business succeeding and will work closely with you through the cash flow and payroll challenges you face. Since our capital is provided in the form of an unsecuritized loan, our perspective on your company is that of an investor: your success is our success (without the consequences of taking any of your valuable equity).

Looking beyond the financials

Although we review your financials, we also know there’s more to your story that financial reports sometimes don’t show. So while your company may not look good on paper, we have developed an expertise in looking beyond the financial reports and understanding the true potential of your business. Unlike traditional lenders, and because you’re with your PEO, we require zero security.

Potential Uses

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