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Avoid Bad Hires With These 5 Tips

Ideally, interviewing a candidate would tell you immediately whether or not they were a good fit for your company. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes, the candidates who give the best interviews simply lack the skills to be a good fit once they’re really on the job. If you want to bring better candidates into your workplace, try following these tips to help improve the quality of your hires.

Tip #1: Bring in the Team They’ll Work With

Sometimes, you have different teams or departments that accomplish different tasks throughout their day. By bringing in the specific members of those teams–or even construction site superintendents who will be working directly with these employees–you can ensure that the questions asked will accurately reflect what is actually asked of the individual on the job site every day. Bringing in people they’ll actually be working with can also help establish rapport and ensure that they’ll be a good personality fit for the team.

Tip #2: Assign Candidates a Task During the Interview

If you want to see whether or not candidates have the specific skills for the job they want, use the interview as an opportunity to conduct a simple task. This might be as simple as putting a printer back together in order to join your IT department, organizing a handful of files in order to become a secretary, or completing a basic construction task when you’re hoping for a new member of your crew.

When you set a task during the interview, you not only get to see whether or not the candidate is capable of completing the task, you get to see how they react under pressure–both valuable windows into the candidate’s suitability for your open position. You’ll also be able to determine whether or not your candidate is following basic safety procedures as they complete the task, which could make the difference between a good hire and a bad one.

Tip #3: Let Candidates Ask Questions

Many times, candidates are the ones who know best whether or not they’ll be the right fit for your company. Let them ask their own questions during the interview. Be honest about what it’s really like to work for your company, from the hours you typically put into the types of jobs you usually take on. If you’re a construction company that ends up doing a lot of dirty work, make sure the candidate is aware of it! This gives them the opportunity to walk away during the interview process, rather than after you’ve already made an offer–or worse, started their training.

Tip #4: Listen to Your Instincts

Sometimes, a candidate who looks great on paper just doesn’t leave you comfortable making the decision to hire them. Even if you find yourself unable to define what it is about a particular candidate that makes you uncomfortable, listen to those instincts, especially if they’re shared by other members of the interviewing team. It’s better to wait for the right candidate than to be disappointed in your hiring choice.

Tip #5: Look for Career Dedication

When you’re hiring, you want a candidate who is committed to their career: someone who is interested in learning more, bettering him- or herself, and taking their job skills to the next level. Ideally, you want a candidate who is excited to be noticed by the quality of their work, not just someone who is out to punch a time card in order to get a paycheck. By finding candidates dedicated to their careers, you’ll get candidates who are more interested in giving their all to your business.

Finding the right candidates for your open positions can be a challenge. Let us help! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get the perfect candidates into your open positions–and how you can screen out the ones who simply aren’t a good fit for your business. Harbor America offers full-service HR solutions designed to save you serious time and money.