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hiring best construction employees

Guidelines for Hiring the Best Construction Employees

If you’re a construction owner searching for new employees, you know there’s a problem when it comes to finding qualified workers. As it’s becoming more challenging to attract good employees to the construction industry, employers need to find ways to draw the most capable and experienced people to their companies. Here are some basic guidelines for hiring the best construction employees:

Determine the Qualifications You Need in Candidates

Before you even start to recruit people, you need to determine the qualifications you’re looking for in potential employees. Hone in on the particular skills and experience that specific positions require. Other considerations should include those such as if a position is a permanent or a temporary one and the amount of training or specific certifications a candidate should have to fill a position. Furthermore, determine the type of prospects who you think are most likely to possess the expertise and skills that are needed for being successful.

Update Job Descriptions and Ensure Candidates Are a Suitable Match

You first need to define the job description of a position before it can be filled. Thus, be sure all your company positions have an updated job description. When interviewing applicants, it’s critical to decide if a candidate has the skills and practical experience needed for a particular job. Moreover, does a candidate have the background and training or education for a particular position? Additionally, determine if an applicant shares the same goals as your business and if he or she seems to be well-suited for the environment of your workplace.

Conduct an Effective Interview

In order to snag the best applicants, you must be able to conduct an effective interview. A big part of interviewing candidates involves getting people to reveal stuff about their lives without giving clues on what you want them to say. Also, when you see candidates having a hard time in providing information or answering questions, let them struggle. In other words, don’t give them an escape route, so they can avoid tough questions.

Be Continually on the Lookout for Good Candidates

Although the ideal time to hire people is when you most need them, you still need to constantly be looking out for potential employees as this gives you more choice. When you’re always alert for highly qualified workers, you’re more likely to obtain the kind of employees who will be the most beneficial to you and your company. Therefore, rather than waiting to hire when you need people, recruit during the off-season as this gives you more preferences, besides an advantage over your competitors.

Partner with a PEO

The hiring process can take up a significant amount of hours and energy. That’s why a growing number of employers have turned over this job to a PEO, who is able to devote the needed time and effort required in sifting through a stack of job applications and making the right selections.

Once a prospect is chosen, there’s more work to do, such as setting up a contract and getting new employees on board, so they know what’s required of them to be successful. As time is money, consider how a PEO can easily and effectively handle those tasks that currently eat away at your time. Hiring employees and managing HR are just a few jobs of a PEO as these professionals provide many other valuable services.

Other Considerations and Warnings

  • Don’t hire people when in a panic. For example, it’s tempting to hire just about anyone off the street when you’re under pressure to get a job done. However, this can result in having employees who may disappoint you.
  • Pay close attention to an applicant’s character and personality as this is just as important as their skills. Unfortunately, too many construction owners grab prospects who are equipped with the right skills, but they lack the character needed for a position.
  • Make sure you offer attractive wages, benefits, and ongoing training.
  • If you have outdated technology, upgrade it. Keep in mind that construction applicants tend to be younger now and that updated technology is important to them. When you have the latest technology, you have an edge over your competitors when hiring and keeping employees.

Using a PEO for your business can give you more time to run your company. Harbor America is a PEO that provides HR, along with benefits, payroll, compliance and several other services to small and mid-sized business owners in the construction industry, besides other blue-collar industries. Please contact us for a free consultation.