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The Multi-Gen Workforce and Why It’s Critical to Your Business

When gauging the direction and growth of your company, consider also evaluating the staff you’ve charged with steering the ‘ship.’ The experience, motivation, and loyalty of your employees will determine the pace of your company growth. Each generation of workers presents variable facets and strengths that you could be leveraging. Today we’re discussing how to take a closer look at what your current teams are bringing to table and why it’s essential to incorporate multi-generational staff into your growth plan.

The Baby Boomers Can Still Bring the ‘Boom!’

The only generation officially recognized by the US Census Bureau, Baby Boomers are a force to be reckoned with in the workplace. Born between 1946 and mid-1964, this group has been a driving force of change over the last 40 years. This group is the largest of the generations meaning they also represent a large portion of the buyers market. Who better to reach these mature buyers than Baby Boomers themselves!

If your staff includes this responsible and mature segment of the market, you have a team of loyal, hard-working individuals who can help you reach others like them in the marketplace. Tap into their knowledge to best connect with your Baby Boomer buyers. These workers are also ideal leaders and will often be your best assets when it comes to establishing processes, structure and setting the work pace for the generation of workers who come in after them. They are wise and have proven successful in former, non-digital times through the present. They offer work lessons, business lessons and can often be the best trainers and mentors in your business. While this generation may be approaching retirement soon, make sure you allow them to pass along their knowledge and expertise to the upcoming generations.

Generation Y = Yes We Can!

The Gen Y group is unique in that it represents the group of individuals who were brought up prior to the digital age, but also have been able to ride the wave of new inventions and technology into existence. Change is their middle name and embracing transition and change comes as second nature. Charge your Gen Y-ers with facilitating your company upgrades and changes and watch as they bring a level of enthusiasm and leadership in company-wide engagement. They work hard and can be the best resource for establishing best practices as they will take notes from their wise predecessors and help shepherd growth, connecting with their younger, Millennial counterparts.

The Millennial and Gen-Z Movement

This passionate group of new idea masters often gets a bad rap, publicly. Don’t believe everything you hear about unmotivated Millennials or Gen-Z employees. In fact, this is where you may find your best workforce. Driven by personal growth and contribution, this generation of workers will inspire your other generational staff with a sense of purpose and change inefficiency. As a company, you can leverage the knowledge of this group to help tap into your Millennial buyers as well. If you’re not talking to your Millennial staff about how best to manage your company’s social platforms and brand, you could be missing out on reaching a pivotal group of customers and buyers. Big ideas and critical enhancements will come from these employees. Make sure you’re listening and have fostered an environment of suggestions to keep the latest ideas fresh in your company growth strategy.

Regardless of your business platform, product or service offering, staffing your team with a multi-generation workforce can be the advantage you need. Learning from the veterans, empowering the doers and implementing the latest, most relevant efficiencies are just a few of the benefits of cross-generational learning.

Harbor America is Here to Help Your Business Grow

Take a look at your company direction and make sure you’re maximizing the talent you have on board. Consider the generational additions to augment existing staff and build the dream team that will help your business grow today and into the next twenty years. If you need help with creating your multi-generational dream team, contact us today!