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The Three T’s of Hiring Farm Labor

Finding reliable employees can be a struggle in any industry. For the farming and agriculture industry, however, employers should find the time and energy to commit to reviewing the hiring process to ensure the right candidates are hired.


Identify the type of role for which the employer is hiring to determine whether the candidate needs to exhibit more labor or machinery skills. Based on that information, construct a job description highlighting those specific traits.


As many businesses in the agriculture and farming industry are family owned and operated, many times employers are hesitant about hiring an outside candidate for immediate assistance. Consider hiring a candidate for a short-term trial. The employer and trial employee will be able to test the position to ensure it is a good fit for all involved parties. As the trial period ends, the employer and trial employee can discuss the working relationship and come to an agreement about investing long-term.


An employer may run into a situation where the open position requires a laborer with very specific skills. However, characteristics of a good employee often include a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and a shared passion for the industry and work. The employer will need to decide beforehand if a promising candidate could be trained to perform the specialized skill. Developing a candidate’s skill through on-the-job training will require considerably more time to be invested in order for the candidate to hone the skill.

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