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Returnships: What You Need to Know

While the younger generations have been overwhelming the general workforce, there are still individuals that are returning to work. Whether it is an individual returning from a medical condition, someone coming out of retirement, or a parent returning to the workforce, sometimes a period to reacclimate to the work environment can assist these individuals with a smoother, more successful transition.

Returnships are programs that can range from a few weeks to a few months that help individuals returning to the workforce develop relevant skills, build professional experience, and expand their networks. Returnships can offer a unique, alternative approach to recruiting strategies. Some industries require a depth of knowledge and experience in a field, which can create rifts in hiring new or entry-level employees to fill the voids.

While some companies may view this as a delay to their onboarding, returnships offer minimal risk because while employees may learn at a slowed pace, they are able to develop a deeper understanding of the company mission and ethos.

Returnships also do not guarantee employment. For example, if an individual finds that returning to work isn’t feasible, or the company does not think the candidate is the right fit, the individual does not have to accept or be presented an offer.

Although returnships are revolutionizing the way new or returning workers can reenter the workforce with ease, there are some loopholes in the implementation that need to be addressed. One hurdle to address is the difficulty of implementation of returnship programs due to the new concept. Many industries do not know how to design or implement returnship programs into their business structure. This also influences determining compensation for such programs.

Lastly, returnship programs are vastly different from company to company. It is important for individuals looking for such a program to do their due diligence to find a returnship that best suits their needs. Perhaps those that have already implemented or planning to implement a returnship program should look into varying levels to address various needs among their top candidate pools.

Returnship programs can assist in recruiting efforts at organizations of all sizes. However, not all organizations are equipped for returnship programs. As such, it is important to weigh the benefits these programs may offer to your company before advocating and implementing them. Not sure if you’re ready or equipped for this? Contact Harbor America, your partner PEO, who can provide insight into a business solution that best suits your needs.

Source: HR Insights: Returnship Programs