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hurricane season

5 Ways to Prepare Your Construction Site for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season is Here:

If you live along the coastline of Texas, Louisiana, or anywhere on the southern Atlantic coast, it’s that time of year again: hurricane season. Hurricane season is different every year but it’s always unpredictable. For those who work in the construction business, it’s crucial to be prepared for the worst.

While you hope you won’t actually need the preparations you make, making them is essential to protecting your company from lost or damaged property. Even worse yet would be injuries to people while they are working on the job or those who live in the areas around the job site because the site wasn’t prepared the way it should be.

The way to prevent that is to prepare ahead of time. Here are five tips to help you effectively prepare for hurricane season on your construction site:

  • Write Down a Preparation Plan: Determine an action plan detailing what you will do to keep both your construction materials and workers safe in the case of a hurricane. Having a plan in advance will help you be more prepared to act in the event that a hurricane forms and heads towards your area. Write down the plan and make it available to everyone within the company so they are aware of company policies if a hurricane should occur.
  • Watch the Weather: In the event that a hurricane is heading towards your area, monitor the radar closely to see where the weather is headed. Heed all warnings when it comes to taking shelter or evacuating. The lives and safety of workers are the most important thing when it comes to severe weather. Following the plan your company has written for emergency weather situations will keep the company’s property safe.
  • Secure All Property: Secure items on the construction site that may blow away to avoid having it blow away or onto the surrounding property where it may cause damage. Store materials that can be moved and stored to keep them from being damaged.
  • Secure Chemicals: Any chemicals that may spill should be secured appropriately so chemical spills do not cause harm to other materials on the construction site or the surrounding areas. Securing chemicals can prevent another tragedy of chemical spills affecting the surrounding area, especially if those chemicals are hazardous.
  • Secure Structures Being Built: Now that the materials on the construction site are secure it’s time to ensure that the structure that is in the process of being built is secure. Be sure that the structure can withstand the winds and rain that are coming with the oncoming storm so the project is not lost. While no building can withstand everything, it’s important to make sure that the structure is stable and safe as possible.


After the storm – when you come back to the construction site but before you resume work – here are three simple tips to ensure that your worksite is prepared for work before getting busy:

  • Inventory Supplies: Check any supplies that had to be left at the site to ensure that they are unharmed and still present and weren’t blown or washed away.
  • Untie the Equipment: Untie anything that had to be tied down and assess the condition of it. Ensure all items are in working order and are still present on the site. Prepare equipment to get back to work.
  • Assess Damages: Assess any damages that may have occurred to your materials that were left on the site or the structure that you were building. Come up with a plan to safely fix any damages caused to the property before moving on to complete your work.

Remember: When preparing for severe weather always tread on the side of caution. Workers’ safety is the top priority. Be sure to follow all local warnings and advisories to keep everyone safe. Having a plan before a hurricane strikes can help you keep the company’s property and materials safe as well!