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Reducing the Risk of Hand Injury

On the job, an employee’s hands are involved in almost every task performed. In a typical office situation, workers are at risk of suffering from repeated movements that increase the employee’s risk of carpal tunnel or tendon inflammation. On the farm, however, employees are at risk of far greater injuries to their hands and extremities.

While hand injuries on the job are quite common, there are steps employees can take to avoid these risks:

  • Never operate machinery that does not have an operational guard to protect an operator’s hands. If guards are damaged or need to be replaced, do so immediately once removed to avoid injury.
  • Employees should always protect their hands by wearing gloves suitable for the type of machinery they are using, when handling rough materials, lifting or moving objects.
  • Advise employees to always remove rings prior to beginning work. Rings can easily catch on machinery or other objects resulting in lacerations, broken bones, or other severe injuries.

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