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Inspection Services

We have been using the services of Harbor America for approximately 5 ½ years. Harbor America primarily provides us workers’ compensation, payroll and tax administration service, and claims management. Our sales associates are helpful, fun to work with and respond when needed. Our company knows we can call on them to assist us in answering a question or provide the necessary follow-up as needed.

We appreciate all the Harbor America employees that are involved with our employment/administrative activities. One of our primary goals in which Harbor continues to excel is providing pre-employment verification and maintaining our payroll and tax administration services accurately and in a timely manner. Harbor PEO employees interact primarily with our office manager. From my discussion with her, they are interactive, friendly, easy to work with, and continue to be punctual in getting our payroll to our office in a timely manner by use of FedEx. We appreciate our sales associate’s efforts as well as everyone at Harbor America.

Thanks again,
D. Jenkins