The payroll system
designed for Farm
Labor Contractors

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Your work isn’t easy – especially when it comes to meeting stringent H-2A payroll and DOL reporting requirements.

HA help

Harbor America is here to help.

We understand the agriculture industry and your obligations
as an H-2A farm labor contractor and have designed a
payroll system that meets necessary payroll compliance.

Utilizing TimePortal’s H-2A labor management software:

  • Tracks and calculates every worker’s production in real time
  • Ensures compliance with guaranteed payment rules
  • Runs payroll in just a few clicks
  • Customizable reporting compliant with DOL regulations
  • Manage worker information and eligibility documentation all in one place

Does Your
Payroll System
Do This?

Get real-time piecework tracking
and H-2A compliant reporting
in minutes with Harbor America.

No hassle or headaches, just
the numbers you need, when
you need them.

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