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Safety and Risk Management

Taking the risk out of business and giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Risks are a natural part of business. Controlling them is key to the long-term success of your business. Harbor America wants to help you improve your safety and reduce your risks. When it comes to working together, your success is our success.


We offer the following solutions in Safety and Risk Management:

Accident Prevention Strategies

We approach safety development as a vital part of business. We offer a wide range of accident prevention strategies for employees at all levels to keep you on the right side of risk.

Compliance Resources

A big part of staying in compliance is constantly reminding your employees about compliance rules and regulations. Harbor America offers employee manuals and compliance posters as a part of your total package of Safety and Risk Management resources.

OSHA Compliance Resources

Being OSHA compliant is a task unto itself. We help take the burden off your shoulders by supplying you with necessary resources.

Online Training Manuals

Well trained employees are safe employees. We offer valuable online training manuals for you to use with your employees.

Claims Management

When an accident occurs, everyone suffers; the employee, his family, and his/her role within your company. Harbor America offers quick, efficient, and effective claim management service to get your employee and your business back on track.


Client-Tailored Safety Plan

Your unique business may require a unique safety plan. Harbor America’s team of professionals can help tailor a safety plan that will help reduce your risks and keep your employees safe.

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