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Iron Product Manufacturing

We have utilized Harbor America for our payroll, medical and dental insurance, safety and workers’ compensation insurance for a little over a year and a half now. Prior to us utilizing Harbor America, we spent countless hours every week doing payroll, handling payroll issues, enrolling/changing employee health/dental benefits, initializing workers’ compensation claims, responding to unemployment claims and conducting safety meetings.

The most surprising benefit we received from utilizing Harbor America was how easy our transition was as well as how much time we saved. Prior to us utilizing Harbor America, we were reaching a point where we were going to have to hire another Human Resources Assistant just to keep up with payroll and health/dental insurance requirements. Not only did we not have to add another employee to handle those items but we were also able to free up several hours per week for our Office Manager who was doing all workers’ compensation and unemployment claims. Anytime we have questions from either our employees or ourselves Harbor is extremely easy to contact and we almost always receive instant results.

Our sales associates not only were here for our transition but they continue to follow up periodically to ensure that we are receiving the level of customer satisfaction they personally guarantee. We are proud to say that we utilize Harbor America for these services. As a small company who just recently employed over 50 employees, it is hard to imagine not having Harbor America to handle these services for us. The amount of time and money we have saved since utilizing Harbor for these services has no doubt aided us in being both successful and profitable. Harbor America is a vital resource to our company. Their expertise and professionalism have helped us succeed now and we are sure it will continue to help us grow in the future.

Respectfully yours,
Vice President

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