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Maintaining Clean Room Safety Standards

Cleanrooms are a standard facet in most manufacturing facilities. Cleanrooms control the working and storage environment to regulate air quality, temperature, and moisture (humidity). These rooms are reserved for sensitive electronic equipment, pharmaceuticals, sterile medical devices, or the manufacturing of products where the contamination could compromise the products’ structure or functionality. And of all potential contamination threats, people pose the largest risk of contamination.

There are different cleanroom standards for which organizations should abide by as they help to determine the level of production safety. Ensuring the facility meets the air quality standards begins with employees wearing proper cleanroom equipment and attire, as specified by the organization. Contamination, no matter how inadvertent or small, could cost your company downtime and increased production costs.

Here are some helpful tips to prevent contamination:

  • Encourage employees to practice good hygiene to limit contaminants. Everything from perfume or cologne, jewelry, make-up, or gum can be important to consider when working in a cleanroom.
  • Regularly remind employees of the proper way to put on and take off disposable cleanroom garments. Each company’s garment procedures may be unique, but the one constant is that specific garment procedures will be required, and employees should receive follow-up training on a regular basis.
  • Supplies used in a cleanroom should be designated as such. From pens and notebooks to any other tools or instruments needed to complete day-to-day activities should be used only in the cleanroom.
  • Instruct employees to clean their workstations, tools, equipment, and supplies after their work, or use of those items, is complete.

Ensuring your employees are well trained and reminded regularly of cleanroom guidelines will save your company thousands of dollars in lost productivity or downtime by lessening the risk of cleanroom contamination.

As you understand the best practices for your business, Harbor America understands the areas of your business that will require documented procedures for continual employee development. Adding a Harbor America human resources expert to your arsenal of valuable resources can help to ensure cleanroom contaminants are limited and not the result of insufficient training or miscommunicated policy and procedure. Are you ready to learn more about effectively managing contamination risk?

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